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So here I am, sticking my head out of what I have determined is called "lurkdom"....what has driven me to do this seems to be a combination of curiousity, desire to test the waters in some conversations I have read and perhaps even some comfort in what I perceive to be at this point - the anonymity of this "journal" thing.

I actually opened this account over a year ago...born of a desire to read fan fiction.......in a fandom that seems to drive a lot of first timers here....Queer as Folk.  And promptly lurked........and lurked.....and lurked.  Then a few months ago something strange started to happen on a few writers' journals that I pretty faithfully follow.......a level of excitement about a glittery, cool yet hot singer named Adam Lambert.  As I started to see what all the excitement was about I found myself getting sucked into the vortex of Glam Nation - to the point that I lived with teasing and more from my personal peanut gallery to see him live and in person while he toured in Florida.  Of course, it was the most "family friendly" show of the tour - my neighbor even took her daughter, age 9, while I left mine at home, much to her dismay.

The combination of these two fandoms, which seem to have some of the most awesome people interested and engaged, has driven me to actually create this post, begin to try to figure this whole LJ thing out, try to figure out the differences/benefits to LJ and InsaneJournal (what?!?) and take the anonymous chance of trying to build some "friends" in this thing.

So while I may not often post to this journal I suspect that I may become one of those "commenters" who hopefully will bring some value to a conversation, a compliment to a writer or artist and if I'm lucky become just that much more aware of the community around me (whether near or far) that can allow me to grow in ways that I probably can't even begin to know at this point.  So be gentle if I ask to be your friend - I'm figuring this all out.  I take advice that is constructive, love to chat, don't have much patience for peeps that are narrow-minded and in this forum wouldn't be surprised that a filter kept in place fairly well in person could slip at times.  However, it is my intention that I will find myself in like-minded places that I can have some fun.  Feel free to point me in the direction of those types of places!


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